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Amazon recommends all its users to remain their account secured by periodically dynamic their Prime account’s word. it's urged to prevent the account from being hacked. If you, at any purpose, notice any unauthorized activity, contact the Amazon consumer support team and report the activity. they will check up on the matter and take the desired measures. Also, you have to be compelled to modification your Amazon account’s word promptly. How to change your Amazon password? Changing your Amazon Prime account’s word goes to be really easy for you. you merely got to be compelled to follow the settings below painstakingly. don't fret if you stand still throughout the processor square measure unable to do and have it off yourself. merely enter Amazon’s consumer support fee selection for any facility. you may modification your Amazon account’s word from the personal computer, computer, smartphone, pill or any net-enabled device. it's tho' urged to perform the actions from a laptop|portable laptop} or computer. Don’t worry if you're doing not have access to that presently. you may modification your Prime account’s word from any web-enabled device. keep assured that your device is connected to a strong web association.


Amazon How to change your Amazon password


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